Services & Rates


After throwing it out there to the Instagram followers we have decided to add the following services:

  • Research Services
  • Quote Preparation & Delivery especially for our tradie friends
  • Website Content Management

Administration & Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable  
  • Bank Account & Credit Card Reconciliation 
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Client/Customer Invoicing 
  • Customer Management & Service
  • Data Entry
  • Email Inbox Management 
  • Inventory System Management 
  • Payroll
  • Process Establishment & Management
  • Quote Preparation and Delivery
  • Research Services
  • Tax Preparation (in cooperation with your accountant)

Website & Social Media

  • Basic Advertisement Design
  • Basic Website Design
  • Website Content Management includes working with your own content creation. (I can do the hard yards as well. As in copy + paste when you're too tired too)
  • Proofreading & Editing

Small Business Start Up

  • Business Needs Evaluation
  • Process Establishment
  • Basic Administration & Bookkeeping Training (no qualifications just how to dot the i's and cross the t's for those that don't really know how to)

Have something else in mind that is similar to the services listed above?

Contact me today to discuss your needs!

Support Service Packages

See our list of packages tailored to suit your business needs below.

Whether it be small, medium or large you'll find something for you!

Package One

Aimed at those who are self-employed or run a small business with 1 or 2 employees

1 hour per week / 4 hours per month

$170 per month

Package Two

For the small businesses who need that 'one day a week' office girl

5 hours per week / 20 hours per month

$850 per month

Package Three

Best for the medium to large sized businesses requiring that extra hand

10 hours per week / 40 hours per month

$1,700 per month

Small Business Start Up Package

Starting your own business? 

Are you a little lost over what to do with the admin and bookkeeping?

This package is designed to help you setup your administration and bookkeeping processes to get you started and on your way. 

You decide if you just need help to implement processes and/or need basic training on how to complete them.

Once we've got that all sorted we can send you on your way or can continue to help out with your needs!

As we all know the budget is tight on a startup so in line with that the first hour will be free and then $35 per hour for a total of 10 hours. 

The Services & Rates Fine Print

If you have different needs to the services & rates provided above or require just a 'one off' then the standard hourly rate of $43.04 plus GST applies

Package prices above are exclusive of GST. Terms and conditions apply

Fees are payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your cashflow