The Story of a Tauranga Bookkeeper & Administrator

Our Story

The Office Girl was founded in March 2020 (yes at the outbreak of the pandemic here in New Zealand) by Awhina after years working full time and longing for that elusive work-life balance.

She decided to quit the rolling green dairy country in the Waikato and move to the sunny, kiwifruit laden Bay of Plenty for a much needed lifestyle change.
And here is where she decided to set up shop.

We are a full service bookkeeping and administration support business offering a range of services to individuals and small businesses as a Tauranga Bookkeeper and Administrator both locally and New Zealand wide.

With over 11 years of experience providing bookkeeping and administration to a range of businesses in the agricultural, horticultural and the civil engineering/construction industries within New Zealand we are well equipped for whatever you throw at us. 

And if we aren't we are always eager to learn something new.

Some of our current clients include those who are pivotal in the booming kiwifruit industry here in the bay and those who are self-employed such as gardeners and landscapers. 

We can and love to support you all!

But how do we support you both locally as a Tauranga Bookkeeper and Administrator and as a nation-wide service?

We do it virtually. As a Virtual Assistant.

Utilising tools such as the entire Microsoft Office suite, Dropbox, Zoom and the online capability of most accounting systems we are at your disposal through the push of a button on your keyboard or the click of your mouse.

No office spaces or computer equipment for you to worry about. No getting tangled in all the HDMI and computer power cords, worrying about the wifi reach and how to get that pesky wireless printer to work.

We've got you covered. 

All you need to concern yourself with is keeping your customers happy and making your business thrive.

We've got it from there.